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Jelmer van der Linde


Name: Jelmer van der Linde
Website: jelmervanderlinde.nl, ikhoefgeen.nl
Phone: +44 755 105 4305
Birth date:
Nationality: Dutch
Portfolio: jelmervanderlinde.nl, bitbucket.org/jelmervdl, github.com/jelmervdl, linkedin.com/in/jelmervdl


I'm a graduate in Artificial Intelligence MSc with more than 10 years of experience with developing software for web, desktop, and compute clusters. I combined my studies with work at the University of Groningen, where I now develop software both academically and commercially. And sometimes I do the odd side-project as a freelancer.

I want to make stuff, and I want to continue getting better at it. I really enjoy programming projects where no obvious of-the-shelf solutions are available and where disciplines are combined. Those that teach me new concepts and insights. Preferably in a small team, although I don't mind figuring things out on my own.

Work experience

  1. Research Software Engineer at the machine translation group at the University of Edinburgh. I work on Paracrawl and other projects focussed on developing parallel corpora from public data. In practice I'm developing & optimising C++ software and tooling to process petabytes of data on multiple HPC clusters while dealing with noisy internet data. (C++, Shell scripting, HPC)
  2. Freelance full-stack developer. As a freelancer I make websites and web applications, often for other freelancers and small businesses. These project range from implementing a well thought out design using WordPress to fully developing & deploying an application from just a concept. Other projects require me dig into code bases, something I have become quite adept in. (Mainly PHP, HTML, Javascript)
  3. Web & API developer at Global Surface Intelligence. My main responsibility was developing and maintaining GSI's geospatial web publishing platform & infrastructure (Mapbox, Vue, Flask, AWS, PostGIS). But GSI being a small SME, I was also contributing to the machine learning pipeline. I developed the LiDAR related components for counting trees and several data acquisition and raster processing tools. (PDAL, NumPy, rasterio, HPC)
  4. Scientific and practical research and development at the Geodienst (Geo Services at University of Groningen). For the Geodienst I developed interactive maps, such as Fryslân uitgebeeld for very old maps (Geoserver, Javascript), and the Stemwegwijzer, which guides you to the nearest polling station during general elections (OSRM, Javascript, Golang). I also take part in research projects related to soil horizon interpolation (Javascript, PostgreSQL), hydrological models for the simulation of rainfall for large urban areas (Python, ArcPy, HPC), and tracing sites of habituation in the digital evaluation model of the Netherlands2 (C++, computer vision).
  5. Teaching assistant at the Artificial Intelligence department at the University of Groningen. I taught & graded the practicals for the courses Knowledge and Agent Technology, Knowledge Technology Practical, Artificial Intelligence 2, Introduction to Logic and Object-oriented Programming. Most of these courses were taught using Java.
  6. Team leader for the Article Generation project at Crowdynews. I was a specialized intern on a project centred around Article Generation. The project focussed on selecting and summarizing informative text using natural language processing with the goal of automatically generating news articles. We organized this project with Crowdynews to help us finance an excursion to New Zealand. (Python, NLP)
  7. Research assistant at the Philosophy department at the University of Groningen. I developed a very playful application for tablets (for iOS and Android) to perform language experiments with young children.
  8. Research and teaching assistant for the Computational Linguistics group at the University of Groningen. I taught & graded the lab sessions of Logical Programming and Natural Language Processing 1. I also participated in the development of Dact1, an open source desktop application for exploring large corpora using XPath & XQuery (C++, Qt). Teaching, grading and programming.
  9. Web developer at Concept7. I developed an inventory management system and moved an existing blog including its contents to WordPress.


  1. Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Groningen. I completed electives in Computing Science focussing on computer graphics and visualisation, and in Linguistics focussing on natural language processing. My thesis is titled Human Argument Structure Language and concerns the computational understanding of argumentative text.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Groningen. I chose my electives in Philosophy and Computing Science. For by bachelor's thesis I implemented and evaluated a neural network in OpenCL for running on graphics hardware.
  3. VWO Atheneum at Piter Jelles Adlân, graduated in 2008.
  4. VWO Gymnasium at Piter Jelles Stedelijk Gymnasium.

Other activities

  1. Volunteer at Prewired in Edinburgh. While I lived in Edinburgh I went to Prewired every Wednesday to mentor young people in programming. Lots of Python, Javascript, Scratch, and making games. The most interesting discussions were on how to set up your data structures to make it easy to expand your game later on.
  2. Chairman of Stichting Cover Travel Foundation.
  3. I participated in a number of committees at study association Cover. In February 2013 I organized a 10 day excursion to Stockholm & Uppsala, and in 2015 a three week excursion to New Zealand. I also manage the technical infrastructure of the association.
  4. Member of the education committee of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen.
  5. Member of TalentWeb Groningen.
  6. Secretary of the board of study association Cover., the study association for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science. I automated most of the member administration, and during our board year the association transitioned to English as the main language.
  7. , Volunteer at the Fronteers conference in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Technical skills

I use macOS, Linux and Windows daily. I am competent in writing modern safe code in modern Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C++(14), Java, Go, Prolog, Haskell, XML, XPath and SQL, and I enjoy picking up new languages on the go. Still need to write something serious in a Lisp though…

Object oriented, functional and logical programming are honed skills of mine. I have experience with relational databases, especially with PostgreSQL (including PostGIS) and MySQL/MariaDB.

Experience in managing UNIX-like servers and building & deploying Docker containers.

I am a dedicated user of git, and familiar with JIRA.


  1. Large scale syntactic annotation of written Dutch: Lassy (2013)
  2. Hoogtepunten en sterrenkunde: het traceren van huisplaatsen in AHN-data in Huisplaatsen in De Onlanden: De geschiedenis van een Drents veenweidegebied (2018) (ISBN: 9789492444721)



I started early with making websites for myself and friends. Today that hobby has transformed to programming everything and anything, often with the goal of experimenting with new languages, techniques, and technologies. I have published a number of these projects on my Github and Bitbucket accounts.

I also like to read, mostly science fiction, preferably on the train or on the lawn of the university building. LEGO has always made me deeply happy. Halfway through my studies I decided I wanted to play an instrument and started studying the cello. One day, I'll hopefully be skilled enough to play Bach's first cello suite. I do find the fifth is much more interesting, but let's keep our goals realistic for now.